Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Time Is Here

Dear friends,

Well it's December. I've lived in Seattle for 5 months now and am just loving it! It has been a big year for me. I graduated with my BFA in illustration, moved to Seattle and am a children's illustrator. I finished a commission for the friend magazine and will be a children's book illustrator. That's right. My dream of illustrating a children's book has finally come true (and sooner than I expected). I will be illustrating my first children's book for Ripple Grove Press. It will be finished next year in November and published in 2016. I am so excited! I am grateful for the opportunities that have lead to this point. More on this in future posts.

But for now here is my Christmas post. First off Seattle rarely gets snow. I'm from Utah and, although I hate driving in the stuff, I love snow! I think Andrew made me see past the cold, sticky, icy, demon that it is, and now I see it as beautiful, peaceful and a sign of Christmas. But as you can see below we don't have any snow.
View from my window

 It's usually cloudy and rainy. In fact when the rest of Utah is dead and dry the winter is when Seattle comes to life! The grass is greener than it was in the summer and I even saw blooms (yes flowers people!) on a bush outside my apartment. There is no sign of Christmas snow here. So I created something to make me feel better about the lack of snow where I lived.


I used white gouache on the glass to give it a snowy effect

Right next to my "Sleigh Bells in the Snow" piece from last Christmas

I tried something new. Instead of cutting each individual piece of paper out to form objects I drew everything and cut it out. This makes it look more rustic and that's what I wanted.

Continue reading if you would like to see 
random pictures of my Christmas tree. 

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .

I'm all about the real Christmas tree. We ordered it from online and was delivered in an hour after they cut it. "Fresh cut" has a different meaning here than in Utah and it smells divine.

Willow has a bad habit of drinking our trees water.
 But under the Christmas tree is her new favorite place 
to chill and run away from me.

I love the Christmas season and the joyful atmosphere of friendship, love and 
giving that comes with it. It's a time to celebrate our Savior's birth. 
He is the gift. I truly hope all is well in your life and that you are enjoying the 
"most wonderful time of the year"! 

Also, may your Christmas' be white 
(because mine probably won't be).

Your friend,



  1. Oh my goodness!! Tessa you're simply amazing!! I'm so excited for you and totally want a copy of your book!! :) Congratulations on everything. I hope you and Andrew are just loving your Washington adventure!

  2. I miss you Madi! I hope life and school is going well for you and that you're enjoying the Christmas season! I guess you won't be going to Texas for Christmas right?