Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gran Hotel

Now that my book is all done I have been working on small commissions for friends, preparing to open my etsy shop on June 10 (hooray!), preparing marketing material (the not so fun part of my job), re-discovering my love of watercolor, and entering competitions on "minted". The last few months have been enjoyable because I have found opportunities to create things I love that are different. One of which is a commision I did for a friend's birthday. She is obsessed with the Spanish period drama "Gran Hotel". Haven't seen it? Well if you don't mind subtitles (unless you speak Spanish), love drama, romance, murder mystery, and fabulous Spanish flowy hair then you should check it out on Netflix. 

Rachel's husband and I came up with this idea to to make a Julio and Alicia scene (main characters in the show) but instead, have them as the main characters and include their little dog Scruffy.

In the show, the main characters are always seen sharing a romantic moment by the sea side (sorry spoiler!)--so that's where I set the scene.

I decided to use paper as my medium of choice mostly because I wanted an excuse to use doilies to create her dress. I do feel like this is a different style for me. I call it my "disney princess style". 

I hope the scene didn't come across cheesy, but romantic and cute. Paul and Rachel are some of my dearest friends so I wanted to make the scene represent their relationship.

Here's the process:

(p.s. she loved it)