Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Landscape Painting: The Best for Last

Hello friends! This summer has been a busy one- between vacations, camping, and church activities I'm a bit exhausted. But fall is here and things have slowed down a little bit.

My book came out on Tuesday, September 27th and it's been wonderful to hear everyone's warm and thoughtful comments about my book. People, even strangers, reaching out to say congratulations means a lot. I'm truly touched.

I remember as I created the illustrations I became nervous at the thought of people seeing it (crazy right?). I've never had a mass produced product of my art before and it was intimidating to think anyone could own it, view it, critique and review it.

But the thought of sharing something that is dear to me and that I created with a purpose to bring other's joy puts my anxiety to rest.

If you haven't purchased my book you can find it here.

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(me jumping for joy because you purchased my book ;)

Moving on.....

You can call me an introvert when it comes to sharing my art. I'm not one to throw something in your face, but I do like sharing things I've been working on because it gives me a chance to connect with people and allows friends and viewers a glimpse into my studio.

The project below is one that I've especially enjoyed working on. It's for a friend of a friend. As most of you know I'm mostly a children's illustrator but even artists have hobbies of their own and mine is landscape painting.

This commision was for a very special woman and mom who has experienced a few hardships in her life over the last year.  She used running as a way to get away from her daily stresses and would instagram the places she ran to. The photo below is the last run she went on.

She purposely saved this place for last. Not only was it her last run, but also her final phase in her difficult trial.

When I first saw the photo I didn't see anything special in it, but after a few months of studying it, painting it, and learning about her story, it too has become a special place to me. Although I do not know the recipient of this painting, I can understand why this spot is special to her--peaceful, calm and with a bright path leading onward it becomes a place of hope.

Isn't it incredible how art can connect complete strangers together? Behind every painting and every photo there's a story. Artists have the important job of interpreting it so others see what they see, and so others can feel connected, and, dare I say, changed.

Below is a step by step process in creating the painting out of gouache:

A color study before I start the final--very important.

                                                 Using dry brush strokes to create water

entitled "The Best for Last"